Innohome - the Original Stove Guard Company

Innohome provides intelligent safety for households. Our advanced Stove Guard helps to prevent dangerous situations by guarding the stove 24/7. In a risky situation, it will turn the power off.


At Innohome, we value the innovation

We have been innovating and creating IPR almost 15 years already. Our most important company asset, together with our people, is the IPR ownership. So far we have filed and granted almost 100 patents…

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FIRE magazine: When changing behaviour is not enough

We are looking for the next big thing. What can we do next to make a big difference to fire statistics? We spent ten years getting to a point where fire safer cigarettes were…

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The worry after elderly parents and close ones easily increases during Corona-time when it’s not possible to see them in person and help them in their own homes. Yet, they need to cook even more than before.

One of the best features of a Stove Guard is that it functions 24/7 automatically preventing stove fires. It doesn’t require any action from the user but independently cuts the stove’s electricity off before flames appear.

The Stove Guard offers some peace of mind also for those living far from their elderly relatives, especially now during the Covid-19 caused social distancing.

Learn more about Stove Guard and how it can support the independent living of the elderly and also people with memory disorders:
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It's easy to get distracted while cooking when the whole family is working and studying from home. COVID-19 has increased the house fires significantly. Keep yourself and family safe not just from COVID-19 but also hazards related to it! ... See MoreSee Less

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How to get a stove guard?

Innohome products are available at selected retailers.

Something's cooking

Innohome’s Stove Guard is the easiest and most effective way to improve fire safety in the kitchen.

Kitchen safety

Stove Alarm SA101

For every cooker

Stove Guard SGK430

For your safety in kitchen


Color covers

Color covers for Stove Guard SGK430

Mounting Bracket SAI500-AB

Mounting bracket for Stove Guard Sensor

Proven solutions from an industry pioneer


Because all people cook in their own way, the Stove Guard is designed to self-adjust to one’s personal cooking style, preventing false alarms.


Stove Guard monitors changing cooker temperatures, identifying hazardous situations before toxic gases are produced and before a fire starts.


Our Stove Guards are the result of years of dedicated research and product development. The reliability of our products ensures that your kitchen is always a safe place.


The European standard for stove guards was published in January 2015. Innohome is the first company whose products meet the standard, as tested by an independent, accredited test laboratory (VTT Expert Services Finland).