The Stove Guard provides fire safety to support independent living

The Finnish Stove Guard keeps your loved ones safe from kitchen fires. There are several stove fires daily and almost all of them could be prevented with a Stove Guard. In homes for independent living and special groups, the Stove Guard makes it easy to increase fire safety, as it does not require any action from the user.

The Stove Guard is more than a fire alarm or timer

The Stove Guard provides affordable protection against the most common source of home fires. Whether a senior, a person with memory disorder, or a young person moving to their own home for the first time, relatives don’t have to worry about your cooking and forgetfulness when the home is safe with an intelligent Stove Guard.

A standard fire alarm only alarms about a dangerous situation but does not prevent a fire from starting. Innohome Stove Guard, on the other hand, reacts proactively. In the event of an emergency, when the resident is unable to prevent the fire from starting, the Stove Guard switches off the electricity to the stove before the fire has time to ignite. This is especially useful if, for example, the resident has injured herself and is also unable to leave the apartment.

The timer, however useful otherwise, cannot prevent a fire that ignites quickly and unexpectedly if cooking oil is forgotten on the pan to heat up alone. Using a timer requires action from the user, which can be challenging, especially for a person with memory disorder. The timer and stove may also be accidentally turned on by the resident or a pet reaching for food on the counter.

The Stove Guard prevents fires without human interaction

Innohome Stove Guard’s intelligent sensor technology detects a threatening situation and prevents a fire from starting even if no one is in the apartment or the resident is unable to get to the stove for one reason or another. The Stove Guard is also a good safety device for dog and cat owners who cannot keep an eye on their pets 24/7 and have to leave them inside the house by themselves every now and then.

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In Europe approximately 10,5 million people with dementia

By 2050 the number is predicted to grow into 18,7 million people.

Independent and high-quality life for seniors

Elderly people living at home are in an unequal position compared to those in institutional care where the fire safety has been increased by e.g. using sprinklers. In the supported living there is also on-site staff to help with extinguishing and leaving the building in cases of emergency.

Senior citizens have the opportunity to live in their own home safely for longer when the home is equipped with the necessary safety equipment, such as Innohome’s EN50615-certified cooker safety device. Best of all, the Stove Guard is a fire safety solution that responds much faster than a sprinkler and does not cause water damage to the home.

Cook safely even with a memory disorder

There were approximately 10,5 million people with dementia in Europe in 2015. By 2050 the number is predicted to increase to 18,7 million. Anyone can forget things, but in the light of statistics, the elderly and people with memory disorders are especially vulnerable of fires and fire hazards.

The elderly are also at a higher risk of injury in home fires. Injury can prevent initial extinguishing as well as escaping, even if the resident is aware of the fire.

Where to get a Stove Guard?

Get the EN 50615 -certified Stove Guard for your own and your loved ones’ safety.  Learn more about the product and find the Distributor in your country:

Why a Stove Guard?

  • Over 50 % of home fires start in the kitchen
  • Affordable protection against the most common source of fire in homes
  • More than a fire alarm: Stove Guard prevents a fire on the stove
  • Easy: doesn’t require any action or technical knowledge from the user
  • Monitors 24/4 and acts even when no one is present
  • In the event of an emergency, switches off the electricity to the stove before toxic gases are formed and the fire has time to ignite
  • Fits all electric stoves regardless of model or age
  • Innohome’s Stove Guard is an award-winning Finnish innovation