Newly appointed Innohome’s Sales Director Jan Henriksson: ”It’s motivating and meaningful to work with products that can save lives”

Innohome is strengthening its position as a provider of fire prevention and safe home charging for EV’s. The company has grown and invested in new product development also during the globally challenging couple of years. We are boosting our sales with a new sales leader. M.Sc. (BA) Jan Henriksson started as a Sales Director in January at Innohome.

”We are delighted that Innohome’s and Jan’s paths crossed. Jan has a versatile background of leading sales in international companies especially in the medical technology industry. We are convinced that Jan’s experience is of benefit also in growing the sales of our products and services. Our mission is to prevent as many domestic fires as possible and thus decrease the human suffering related to fires. Jan plays a big role in fulfilling that promise” says Juha Mört, CEO of Innohome.

Jan has a proven track record of increasing sales in both established companies, such as iCare Finland Oy, as well as start-ups.

“I had a good impression of the company and people in it already beforehand. I am thrilled to become part of this team in a growing Finnish company, which operates with life saving products already internationally. The growth potential is huge, and every device sold is helping to keep people safer in their homes” comments Jan.

”It’s motivating and meaningful to work with products that can save lives” – Jan Henriksson

Jan’s strengths are in building and maintaining a partner network which supports Innohome’s strategy of close partnership with its key customers. His expertise benefits also Innohome’s Management team to which he is appointed of. Jan reports to CEO Juha Mört and leads the Innohome sales team.

We wish Jan warmly welcome to Innohome!

Innohome settles the IPR dispute

Innohome’s core, as also included in the company name, is in innovation and providing fire safety to homes. Since 2005 we have invented devices to prevent the kitchen fires and electrical fires at homes. The significant number of patents granted for our products throughout the years are there to protect our original ideas and product innovations.

Recently, we received another proof of the strength of our IPR as Norwegian Board of Appeal for Industrial Property Rights recognized the validity of Innohome patents in Norway. Norwegian Board of Appeal organization is an independent, court-like, body under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries.

Innohome has been in litigation process against one of its competitors, Safera Oy, for several years in the market court of Helsinki Finland. Innohome is proud to announce, that the companies have reached a settlement this month and the dispute is over.

We happily continue the work to improve the fire safety of homes with our own products, as well as through licensing. Approximately 50 % of all home fires start in the kitchen and with Stove Guards most of them could be prevented.

Increasing Nordic fire safety: Franke Futurum’s cooker hoods with integrated Stove Guards soon available

Franke Futurum’s and Innohome’s collaboration is bringing advanced cooker hoods to the Nordic market to prevent kitchen fires. Over 50 % of all home fires start in the kitchen and mainly from the stove. Almost all of them could be prevented with stove guard technology. Norway has been the forerunner in fire safety and stove guards have been mandatory there since 2011. As the Norwegian regulators have already noticed, a stove guard with a permanent power supply, is the best and most effective way to prevent fires in the home. We look forward to bringing this technology to new and existing markets and thus actively contributing to an improved fire safety in Nordic homes.

The first Futurum series cooker hoods with integrated Stove Guards are available in September 2020. They are sold by Franke to construction companies and installed in apartments with central ventilation. The same models will be available through Franke’s wholesale channels later on. Next year also traditional cooker hoods with motor and integrated Stove Guards are available under Franke brand through retail sales points.

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