Innohome enters the North American consumer market on Amazon in partnership with Electrolux NA Home Appliances.

Innohome’s partnership with Electrolux NA Home Appliances gives the consumers in North American market an opportunity to increase the fire safety in their homes. Innohome’s heat sensor will be available easily to anyone via Amazon.

The Holiday cooking season, from November to December, is the most dangerous cooking season of the year according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). In January, the risk of cooking fires tends to go down as families do not spend as much time preparing meals for large gatherings and are generally less distracted. However, our new “normal” spent in our homes during the pandemic has forced all of us to think about our home, and, especially our kitchens, and we might be even more distracted than ever before. Therefore, Innohome and Electrolux NA Home Appliances are excited to introduce the new Smart Choice® StoveSentry™ cooking safety sensor to the consumer market via Amazon.

StoveSentry™ is the result of years of smart safety product development & experience from Innohome, a Finnish fire safety company, and now it is part of the Electrolux NA product offering for the North American consumer market. StoveSentry™ monitors the temperatures on top of the stove and alarms to fire hazards, so the person cooking can adjust the temperature to a safe level. It also works as a good reminder not to leave cooking unattended, which is a typical cause for home fires.

“We are always looking for new, innovative product solutions to add to our Smart Choice® product family, and Innohome’s products perfectly align with our assortment and customer-centered mindset,” says Clarka Wickliffe, Product Manager at Electrolux NA Home Appliances. According to Wickliffe, “Peace of mind in the kitchen starts with installation and maintenance of home appliances, and StoveSentry™ extends that peace of mind to the everyday cooking experience.”

The partnership with Electrolux presents Innohome’s first entry into the direct-to-consumer market in North America. “We are excited about the level of commitment and faith in our technology from Electrolux NA to place our product in their portfolio,” says Eero Vartiainen, Innohome’s EVP of North America. “The North American consumer market is ultra-competitive, and we see that Electrolux NA is the right partner with whom to launch our product with,” continues Vartiainen.

Electrolux will launch the Smart Choice® StoveSentry™ in their SmartChoice store on Amazon in the coming days.  “Due to the changing shopping habits of our consumers, we see Amazon as the main driver of consumer shopping experience for the foreseeable future,” adds Erin Wright, eCommerce Manager for Electrolux, and “Availability on Amazon provides consumers a convenient opportunity to purchase an unparalleled piece of safety technology for their homes at an affordable price point.”

For Innohome, a partnership with such an established company in the consumer electronics business was the desired way to enter the U.S. consumer market. “We have strong faith in Electrolux’s ability to launch the product successfully on Amazon and to continue improving the kitchen fire safety awareness,” comments Vartiainen.

The first Innohome units have been delivered to the Amazon warehouses and the Smart Choice StoveSentry is available on Amazon from February 2021.

One more EPO patent granted to Innohome

Innohome has been innovating and creating IPR for 15 years already. The most important company asset, together with the people, is the IPR ownership. So far we have filed huge amounts of patents worldwide. Most of these are related to the fire safety, home automation and connectivity.

We are happy to announce a yet another new EPO patent granted to Innohome. New innovation is preventing fires and monitoring poor air quality. Both material improvements to everyday life.


From the patent description:
"Along with new materials, household fires have become a great problem. Traditional materials burn more slowly and do not ignite as easily as present-day materials. Present-day materials and electrical devices as well as home appliances ignite more easily and in their fires is created a rapidly fatal hydrogen cyanide, for which it has not been possible to develop a sensor or an alarm.

Stoves cause as much as over 50 % and electrical devices as much as 80 % of household fires. In student residences, the portion of stove fires is as much as 80 % and also home appliances accidentally left on, cause significantly many unnecessary fire alarms, wherein the student residences must be emptied.

Traditional smoke and carbon monoxide indicators often act too late and, in fire situations, as many as 80 % of people will already die due to fire gases before these indicators have acted. Automatic fire extinguishing systems also react too late and people die due to fire gases.

It is also known that the kitchen is the most dangerous place in the home in relation to fires, but smoke and carbon monoxide indicators are not recommended in the kitchen because they cause too many false alarms and also do not act fast enough in all situations."

Innohome partners with Electrolux Major Appliances NA to provide smart fire safety to North American kitchens

It is with great pleasure that we announce Electrolux Major Appliances NA and Innohome have signed a supplier agreement to bring Innohome's patented fire safety technology to the North American consumer market.

The purpose of the agreement is to provide the North American market with innovative and cost-effective stove monitoring solutions. Consumers benefit from knowing when potentially dangerous cooking temperatures occur and when temperatures reach a point of imminent fire risk on the stove. The intelligent sensor system seamlessly monitors every cooking situation to visually and audibly alert before a fire can occur.

Innohome looks forward to a longterm collaboration and product development with Electrolux Major Appliances NA in an effort to decrease kitchen fires in North America.

According to studies conducted by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), ranges or cooktops were involved in the 62% of the reported home cooking fires, and unattended cooking was the leading cause of cooking fires and casualties. US fire departments responded to an estimated average of 173,200 home structure fires per year started by cooking activities in 2013-2017, or an average of 470 home cooking fires per day. These fires caused an average of 550 civilian deaths, 5,020 reported civilian fire injuries, and $1.2 billion in direct property damage per year. Innohome and Electrolux NA are excited to join forces to minimize the number of these often preventable fires.

More information:
Eero Vartiainen
Executive Vice President - North America
Innohome Ltd or +1 (617) 851 8210

Innohome products now available also in Australian market

Innohome, a Finnish manufacturer of smart safety products, has signed a distribution agreement with Checkpoint Products in Australia.

Innohome is happy to announce a partnership and agreement reached with Checkpoint Products to distribute the innovative and patented Stove Guard products of Innohome Oy in the Australian market.

Checkpoint Products is an Australian company specializing in alarm systems and fire protection equipment. It is well known as the distributor of other strong brands such Cygnus and Commander. Innohome products and brand are a good addition to provide local industries solutions to protect lives and property.

We look forward to a long and successful partnership between our two companies, and to making cooking safer by marketing and supplying Stove Guards to many homes in Australia in the years to come.

More information:
Juha Mört
Innohome Oy or +358 40 540 8894

Checkpoint Products: Checkpoint Products are part of global network of companies, building on the success of their internationally recognised brands, supplying all industries with fire protection and safety products.

Yet another USA patent granted for preventing poor air quality and fire

Over 50% of all home fires start in the kitchen. Most of them could easily be prevented. Innohome continues its work to improve home safety worldwide and to innovate in the area of fire prevention and air quality monitoring. This work was recognized by yet another USA patent granted into Innohome’s large patent portfolio in the United States.

The patent is for (from the abstract):

“A supervision and control system for preventing poor air quality and fire, includes an indicator unit configured to be mounted to the ceiling or wall and includes an air quality sensor configured to measure air quality information; one or more integrated steerable infrared remote thermometers, steerable to home appliances or electrical devices; and one or more control and supervision units implemented as an additional device or as an integrated programmatic characteristic. The indicator unit is also configured to be connected to the home appliances or the electrical devices for analyzing and detecting deteriorating air quality or danger. The indicator unit is configured to send air quality information and temperature information to at least one of the control and supervision units. The at least one control and supervision units is configured to monitor presence of a user and to control, on basis of air quality and temperature: ventilation; and/or operation and/or energy supply of at least one of the home appliances and electrical devices if a predefined alarm limit of a dangerous situation is exceeded. ”

Juha Mört
CEO, Innohome Oy

IPR Update - Air Quality and Fire Prevention Patent Granted in the U.S

At Innohome, we strive to provide new innovations and solutions to improve home safety worldwide. Our growing IPR portfolio is a testament to our ability to excel in this area.

We are proud to announce yet another patent granted to Innohome.

The patent is for (from the abstract):

"A supervision and control method for preventing poor air quality and fire uses an indicator unit mounted to the ceiling or on a wall and provided with an air quality sensor, and one or more control and supervision units as additional devices or as integrated or programmatic characteristics connected to home appliances or electrical devices. The air quality information measured by the air quality sensor is sent from the indicator unit to the control and supervision unit, which monitors, ventilates, and controls the operation and/or energy supply of home appliances or electrical devices on the basis of air quality information. The effect of control on air quality is monitored by the air quality sensor and an alarm is issued and/or the supply of electricity to predetermined home appliances and/or electrical devices is cut off if, regardless of control, a preset alarm limit is exceeded, when the presence of a user is not detected."

Innohome has been innovating and creating IPR for almost 15 years already. Our most important company asset, together with our people, is our IPR.

Juha Mört

CEO, Innohome Oy


At Innohome, we value the innovation

We have been innovating and creating IPR almost 15 years already. Our most important company asset, together with our people, is the IPR ownership.

So far we have filed and granted almost 100 patents worldwide. Most of these are related to the fire safety, home automation and connectivity. We are proud of our achievements and the work continues. When an idea is created at Innohome, first we evaluate with an expert what can be protected with intellectual property rights before it is made public. In order to be successful, it is essential to connect the idea to the business from the very beginning.

In this very global and fast moving business environment, we feel that it is important to have essential IPR in the field the company is operating. Otherwise your DNA is just to follow the others. Everyday when we come to work, we try to create something new, be the original developer and product innovation company.

At Innohome, we provide new innovations and solutions to everyone globally to improve their home safety. We proudly continue this work and hopefully our products and solutions will end up sold in most markets worldwide.

Innohome, the Original Stove Guard Company

Juha Mört