Innohome sells and develops products and services to drive home smart safety.
By doing this, Innohome enhances safety of end users and decreases the financial risk of property owners. For us, it is crucial that our products and services are reliable, fulfil the expectations of our customers and comply with all applicable regulations and standards. It is also essential for us to satisfy the requirements of our direct customers through prompt deliveries of high-quality products.

To ensure reliability of our products, we focus on robust product design and perform comprehensive reliability tests before releasing products on to the market. Additionally, all products are functionally verified during and after production to ensure the quality of our products. We control manufacturing process according to sales forecasts and orders and manage product deliveries to ensure first-class delivery accuracy.

To continually improve our operational performance and customer satisfaction, we systematically measure our achievements. When a need is identified from a related KPI, management initiates an improvement program and tracks the progress to ensure improvement.

One of our strategic targets is to maintain Innohome Oy a great place to work. Our personnel strategy aims to ensure the availability, engagement, motivation, innovations and continuous development of our employees. We strive to maintain a safe and healthy working environment.

Juha Mört