Protect your tenants as well as property

Being a host offers great experiences, but concerns about guests ’cooking skills and attentiveness can occasionally haunt the mind. Smart Innohome Stove Guard is the easiest and most cost-effective way to prevent fires in your apartment’s kitchen. It ensures that as a landlord or host, you will sleep more peacefully at night. As will the people staying in your property.

Peace of mind to an Airbnb-host

When short-term guests come and go, the risk of a kitchen fire also increases: Your temporary guests may be accustomed to a different kind of stove, so the power of the stove can come as a surprise. And the language barrier can make it difficult to understand the instructions given.

With Innohome Stove Guard, you ensure that no damage can occur, even if your tenant leaves the oil to heat up for too long or dinner is burned.

Smoke damage alone can shut down a rental property for some time, as the smell of smoke remains for a surprisingly long time in home textiles and structures. If a guest has inadvertently or carelessly caused a smoke damage in the apartment, the next guest may cancel their stay or demand a substantial price reduction.

By acquiring a stylish and discreetly integrated Innohome Stove Guard, you can wipe these worries off your shoulders.

Every fire causes some costs

The most drastic ones destroy lives and cannot be compensated with money.

Landlord: Protect your property against the most common source of fire

Innohome Stove Guard brings valuable peace of mind and additional security to property owners and landlords. In apartment buildings, the kitchen is clearly the most probable place for a fire to break out. In USA, for example, over 72% of apartment fires are lit in the kitchen *1.

Even a small fire in an apartment causes considerable costs due to material damage, repairs and the time it takes. – Not to mention the larger fires and the life threat they cause. An intelligent Stove Guard is an easy way for a property owner to protect themselves against the most common single source of fire – and at the same time protect the daily lives of the residents, for example in the case of a block of flats or terraced houses.

*1 Source: NFPA Research. Home Structure Fires, Marty Ahrens, December 2018

Where to get a Stove Guard?

Get the EN 50615 -certified Stove Guard for your own and your loved ones’ safety. Learn more about the product and find the Distributor in your country

Why a Stove Guard

  • Over 50 % of home fires start in the kitchen
  • Affordable protection against the most common source of fire in homes
  • More than a fire alarm: Stove Guard prevents a fire on the stove
  • Easy: doesn’t require any action or technical knowledge from the user
  • Monitors 24/4 and acts even when no one is present
  • In the event of an emergency, switches off the electricity to the stove before toxic gases are formed and the fire has time to ignite
  • Fits all electric stoves regardless of model or age
  • Innohome’s Stove Guard is an award-winning Finnish innovation