Data Protection Description

1. File controller  

Company: Innohome Oy
VAT-code: 1954950-3
Postal address: Itsehallintokuja 4
Post code: 02600
Country: FINLAND
Phone number: +3589 4114 3357

2. Person responsible for file matters or contact person

Company: Innohome Oy
Name: Marja Manninen
Postal address: Itsehallintokuja 4
Post code: 02600
Country: FINLAND
Phone number: +3589 4114 3357

3. Purpose of collecting and processing of data

If you contact us without registering for our newsletter or applying for a position, we will use your data only to answer your query or to process your order.

If you register for our newsletter: We collect information about you when you register for our newsletter, and we may use your contact information to send promotional communications that maintains and develops our customer relationship.

If you apply for a position: We collect information about you when you leave us an application. We will use this information mainly for recruiting purposes. We may also use this data for research and statistical purposes.

4. Information contained in the data file

If you register for our newsletter: Name, Email Address, Country.

If you apply for a position:

  • Name, address, email address, phone number and other contact information;
  • Information about your professional background obtained from publicly available sources;
  • Sensitive information obtained during the application process, such as citizenship, gender, race, ethnicity and medical information;
  • Cover letter, resume or CV, education, transcripts, or other information you provide to us in support of an application;
  • Terms of employment you are or may be looking for, such as desired salary and benefits packages;
  • Information on how you found out about the position;
  • Information gathered via your listed references;
  • Information gathered during interviews

5. Storage time of personal data

If you contact us or register for our newsletter: We will retain your information for as long as needed to maintain our customer relationship or to process your order. You can decide to opt-out from receiving any further communications by contacting.

If you apply for a position: We will retain your information for a maximum of five years. We retain this information to protect ourselves from legal claims, to consider you for other positions and to help us improve our recruitment process.

6. Regular sources of data

We collect information and maintain records mainly from you directly. We may use other sources with your permission only.

7. Regular transfers of data or transfers of data outside EU or EEA

We will not share personal information about you or any content with any third parties, except as outlined in this document. Some of the third-party services used by the Company may store user information outside the EU & European Economic Area (EEA). We may disclose your contact request to our local resellers/vendors who are working on our behalf and may require your contact request to carry out their work, such as product information or customer support.

8. Principles for the protection of the data file

We will only transfer information over protected connections. All the information will be protected behind a firewall, user names, and passwords. The right to use any personal information is only given to the people who need to access to carry out their work.

9. Automated decision-making

Automated individual decisions will not be made (EU’s GDPR article 22).

10. Rights of the data subject  

The data subject has a right to request the information we are holding or processing. A written request for the release of this information needs to be sent to the person responsible for the registry. We will confirm the identity of the person requesting the information before the release of any personal information.

The right of data request is free only once per year.

If your Personal Data is inaccurate or incomplete, you are entitled to ask that we correct, complete, or remove it. You may ask us to restrict or block the processing of your Personal Data in certain circumstances under the EU’S GDPR articles 18 and 21.

You may ask us to delete or remove your Personal Data. A data subject has the right to make a complaint to the competent supervising authorities if the controller in its operations has not followed the applicable data-protection regulations.

You may ask us to restrict or block the processing of your Personal Data in certain circumstances, such as direct marketing.

Cookie Policy

Our website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that the browser stores on the visitor’s device. Cookies are used for storing the visitor’s data when he/she switches from a web service page to another, for example. Cookies do not harm the visitor’s device or files. A cookie can be stored on the device persistently or it can be deleted after the service has been used.

Cookies can be used for collecting the following data, for example:

  • visitor’s IP address
  • time
  • browser type
  • operating system
  • screen resolution
  • from where the visitor came to the website (search engine, direct link, etc.)
  • previous visits to the website
  • pages used

Website’s own cookies

The website’s own cookies can be used for storing visitor-related data and settings intended for the use of the website, such as username, service login information, language or region preference. The data is used for implementing and customizing the functionality of the website and retaining the visitor’s preferences. These cookies can be essential to the functionality and use of the website. Cookies do not store data that would be used for marketing or tracking the visitors in other services or websites.

Third-party cookies

We use services provided by third parties to collect website visitor statistics and analyze the data. Our purpose is to develop the quality and content of our website in a user-driven way. To implement visitor tracking and analytics, the services can store their own cookies, as well as utilize and combine data stored by the service from the same visitor on different website.

We ensure that the cloud or other web services we use outside the EU or European Economic Area operate in compliance with the Personal Data Act.

Further information on the operation, collected data, cookie usage, and data privacy of each service provider is available on the website of each service provider.

Services used on the website

We also use external services on the website to track marketing and improve our service to our customers, for example. Short descriptions of the external services we use are listed below. We recommend that you also see the services’ own data privacy practices.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is Google’s tracking tool which collects such data as how many visitors a website has at specific times and from where the visitors come to the website. We use Analytics to track marketing and the behavior of target groups.

Further information: Google privacy policies and Google Analytics data privacy and security principles


Hotjar is an analytics and feedback service with the goal of understanding the website visitors’ behavior on the site. What do they do while on a page, which features they use, what works well and what doesn’t.

Further information: Hotjar – Privacy by Design


Leadfeeder is an analytics service that is based on Google Analytics data. It provides information on what companies visit the website and suggest possible sales leads based on this information.

Further information: Leadfeeder Privacy Notice

Controlling cookies

You can delete existing cookies and prevent the use of cookies in browser settings. Instructions are available at However, disabling cookies may prevent the proper functionality of the website.

You can use the Your Online Choices service to control how your data is collected and used in several different services.