Protect the most precious

50% of all home fires start in the kitchen.
Innohome provides your home with state-of-the-art technology that prevents most fires.

Electric vehicles are mainly charged at home. With Innohome Charlie you can do it safely and quickly.

Innohome - Smart safety for your home

Our products help you to prevent the most common home fires, as well as to charge your electric vehicle safely and quickly.

Our fire safety products are designed to prevent fires before they start, saving you money and tears. They protect your home also when no-one is there.
At Innohome, we strive to provide new innovations and solutions to improve home safety worldwide. Our growing IPR portfolio is a testament to our ability to excel in this area.

Proven solutions from an industry pioneer.

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A forerunner in fulfilling European home safety standards

The European standard for stove guards was published in January 2015. Innohome was the first company whose products met the standard.

Long partnership with distributors

We value our long-term partnerships with established distributors in our main markets. Together we have been able to create market specific products fulfilling the needs of end-users.

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Innohome settles the IPR dispute

Innohome’s core, as also included in the company name, is in innovation and providing fire safety to homes. Since 2005 we have invented…

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Innohome accelerates its growth: a new Sales Director has started

Innohome keeps growing and to speed the growth even further we have employed a valuable new member to the company. This is to guarantee…

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Innohome’s intellectual property

Innohome has been innovating and creating new technology since 2005. The patents granted throughout the years are the proof of original…

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Why charge your EV at home from a charging station and not directly from a socket

Safe and fast home charging of an electric vehicle. In the last few years, interest in electric vehicles has…

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