Improve your kitchen's fire safety

Innohome Stove Guard SGK5010 consists of the control unit and the intelligent heat sensor. Innohome Stove Alarm SGS1030 is the heat sensor unit, which is sold as a separate product in the US, and described in this page.

Every day multiple kitchen fires require the fire departments to come extinguish them. Many more fires are put out by the occupants themselves. Even the smallest fires cause at least nuisance of smoke, not to mention the fatal ones destroying the lives of many. Keep your family, home and property safe with Innohome Stove Alarm SGS1030.

The Stove Alarm alerts of a hazard in the kitchen even before toxic gases are produced and a fire starts. It predicts a potential cooking fire hazard before normal fire alarms do and sounds out a warning alarm, so the person cooking can take action.

The Stove Alarm’s self-learning technology learns its sensitivity based on the user’s cooking habits, ensuring accurate hazard recognition and uninterrupted cooking.

Innohome Stove Alarm SGS1030 is compatible with all electric cookers.

Innohome Stove Alarm SG1030

Product dimensions

3.5 x 1.4 x 0.5 inches

80 dB(A)

maximum alarm signal (1m)

Low energy consumption

Long battery-life

Replaceable battery


Battery low


Heat alarm

Alarms when temperature is too high

Dislocation alarm

Alerts if removed from place


easily set


The Stove Alarm is very easy to install. No tools are needed for installation. Plug-and-play and you are ready to go. Simply attach the Stove Alarm to the cooker hood with the strong adhesive on the mounting plate.

The product has a long-life battery which is easy to replace.

Innohome Stove Alarm SGS1030 is compatible with all electric cookers.

Did you know that fire alarms are not recommended to be used in kitchens?

They are too sensitive to cooking fumes and alarm when no danger is apparent.

Stove Alarm reacts to heat.

And adjusts sensitivity based on user's cooking habits.


Innohome Stove Alarm SGS1030 is easy to use. The product measures the temperature from the stove and gives a pre-alarm in case of a potentially dangerous situation.

The device works silently in the background and can also be used easily by special user groups. It adjusts its sensitivity level based on the kitchen and user’s cooking styles, so that false alarms do not disturb the cooking.

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