Installation & User manual

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Heat Sensor

The Heat Sensor is installed under a cooker hood with self-adhesive installation plate.
It does not require wiring, nor additional power supply. The Heat Sensor can also be mounted on the wall or ceiling with a separate mounting bracket.

Control Unit

The Control Unit is installed behind the cooker by an authorized electrician. The Control Unit will switch off the cooker when The Stove Guard detects a hazardous situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Control Unit can be installed by an authorized electrician only.

Replacing/installing the Heat Sensor does not require an electrician.

There are two ways:

  1. The sensitivity is set during installation according to the mounting height.

Make sure that the Heat Sensor is firmly attached to the installation plate.The Control Units overheating protection switches the stoves power off if the Unit is too close to a cooker or other heat source. The cooker can be switched on again by turning off the power supply for a few seconds using the cooker fuse (in the consumer unit). If the overheating protection fails again, move the Control Unit to a cooler or better ventilated place.

The cooker is too hot for the power to be turned back on. Set controls to ”0”. Wait until the cooker has cooled down and the ringing sound is heard with 5-second intervals. Press the Heat Sensor button once to reconnect the cooker.

The sound is indicating an auto-diagnostics alarm which most cases can be returned to normal by pressing the Heat Sensors button once.

Removing the Heat Sensor from the installation plate gives an alarm (4 beeps) and cuts off the power to the cooker.