High-quality and innovative products are at the core of Innohome’s business. To support the rapid growth of the past years, we are now welcoming a skilled product development professional to our team. Jari Pyrä started at Innohome as a senior mechanical engineer in February 2023.

In recent years, Innohome has invested heavily in product development and introduced new products to the market. With the company growing, there was a need to further strengthen our research and development team. We are pleased to welcome senior mechanical engineer Jari Pyrä to Innohome’s energetic team. Jari is a skilled product development professional with over 30 years of experience working with various technologies, materials, and software.

Jari moved to Innohome from Etteplan, where he also held the role of senior mechanical engineer. He has a long background in product development and project management at companies such as Etteplan and Nokia. To Innohome, Jari brings his valuable mechanical know-how and vision, and will drive our product development forward.

“People here are motivated to develop, and it has become clear already in this short time.” 

Innohome is known for smart and award-winning technology solutions with which we have improved the safety of kitchens and homes since 2005. “People here are motivated to develop, and it has become clear already in this short time,” says Jari. Innohome is devoted to product development, too. “The design tool is, of course, absolutely essential in my work, but we are also considering all kinds of procurements related to it, which will increase efficiency,” states Jari.

Home safety is the future

As befits a product development expert, Jari is particularly enthusiastic about Innohome’s products. A considerable amount of technology and innovative solutions are hidden behind the simple exterior of home charging stations and fire prevention products.

“I’m quite an innovative guy myself, and I like to try out new things. We shouldn’t always do things the way we’ve been doing them before. Instead, we should be asking if there is a better or smarter way to do them”, says Jari.

Jari believes that home safety is a growing trend. The number of electric cars is increasing rapidly, which means safe EV charging solutions are needed in more and more homes. On the other hand, fire safety regulations are developing too. The most recent example is from Finland, where stove guards became obligatory to new stoves in senior and service housing starting from January 2023. “Stove guards are already mandatory in all new buildings in Norway, and it may well be that in few years the rest of the Europe will follow suit,” estimates Jari.