The last couple of years have been a time of rapid growth for Innohome, and to support it, several people have been hired for different functions of the organisation.

A long-term professional in quality and process development, Juha Vehkamäki has started as Quality Manager at Innohome in October 2021. He came to Innohome looking for versatile tasks, and those together with the work community and company culture have convinced him to stay.

“You can see people’s cooperation and solid community whenever we gather. People support and help each other. For example, when having questions, you’ll get not only the answers, but also some background information,” Juha says.

At Innohome, Juha is primarily responsible for quality assurance and audits across the business lines and has already further strengthened Innohome’s processes. He has a long background at Nokia in various tasks regarding developing quality, products and processes. Juha moved to Innohome from project lead position at Vyaire Medical.

“I wanted to work with tasks that create value”

Antti Lehtola joined Innohome operations team in May 2022 as Production Controller. Like Juha, Antti too was interested in diverse tasks. “I’ve been to both big and small organisations and I knew I’d be able to do all sorts of things here. We have freedom and momentum,” Antti says. The change from the bureaucracy of a big house to Innohome has met the expectations, and Antti enjoys working with customers and core processes.

Antti transferred to Innohome from Hartwall where he led the financial department. He has multifaceted experience in the chemical industry in the supply chain side, from warehouse worker and managing order delivery traffic all the way to leading a unit, as well as financial expertise in the food industry. At Innohome, Antti is particularly excited about the products. “I like how we’re working for a worthy cause,” he states.

Young energy to sales and marketing team

Innohome sales and marketing team has been strengthened with two new professionals. Andreas Otila, who started as Sales Manager in May 2022, speaks Swedish fluently and is responsible for Innohome’s preventive fire safety product sales in Sweden. To Andreas, one of the best parts of his job is getting to know new people. “The best thing is when you get to learn something new during the conversation too,” he ponders.

You may have seen Andreas already at different events, as he has represented Innohome at quite a few fairs during the last months, including FinnBuild fair and Good Age -exhibition.

The newest addition to the Innohome team is Linda Mäkinen, who started as Marketing Coordinator in the beginning of October 2022. As a strong writer, Linda brings Innohome especially her content production skills, and she has versatile experience in other areas of marketing as well.

“I got excited by the interesting job description and good team spirit, which was clearly visible already during the interview stage,” Linda says.

Warm welcome to Juha, Antti, Andreas and Linda to Innohome’s energetic team.