When things go wrong in tower blocks, Stove Guard reacts

The taller the building, the more numerous the residents. That also means more food being prepared on cookers and energetic pets left alone in flats. A smart cooker safety device, developed by the Finnish Innohome, is the easiest way for housing companies and flat owners to avoid the most common source of fire in residential blocks — and to make the daily lives of residents safer.

Stove Guard prevents fire and the formation of toxic gases

In Finnish residential blocks, the kitchen is clearly the number one place for fires starting. In Helsinki, for example, up to 68% of fires in residential blocks start in the kitchen.¹ Similarly, in the U.S., 72% of fires in apartments or other multi-family homes have been cooking-related.² The most common cause of fire is leaving a hob switched on, or accidentally switching it on, which causes food or burning material on the hob to catch fire.

Leaving aside larger fires and the associated personal danger, even small fires cause considerable costs due to material damage, repairs and the time required for repair work.

With its advanced heat sensor technology, Innohome’s Stove Guard prevents cooker fires before they ignite. The Stove Guard monitors 24/7 and functions continuously, even when no one is present in the flat.

A cost-effective and smart investment in tower blocks

Fires have terrible consequences in residential blocks, particularly tower blocks, because one person’s accident can cause suffering for many. Fires are particularly difficult to extinguish on the topmost floors of high-rise buildings.

In a housing company, fire prevention is the best way to protect yourself from fire, smoke and moisture damage. In Norway, for example, a stove guard is already mandatory in every new building, and in Sweden stove guards and other safety aids are diligently installed in the homes of senior citizens reliant on home services.

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72 % of apartment fires in USA are cooking-related²

Cooking was the leading cause of reported home structured fires and civilian fire injuries. On average cooking activities caused 172 100 home fires per year in USA.³

Fire damage accumulates in residential blocks

In home fires in residential blocks, the households of an entire stairwell often need temporary accommodation due to the spread of smoke. If a building has sprinklers, the water damage they cause can affect multiple homes.

New buildings are becoming taller, which further underlines the importance of effective fire safety solutions.

Old residential blocks, on the other hand, often lack effective smoke extraction in stairwells and fire compartmentation between the stairs and floor corridor. A large fire on the lower floors would release life-threatening fire gases into the upper residential floors.

So installing a fire-preventing Stove Guard in every flat in a residential block — in older as well as newer housing companies — is a wise and cost-effective investment.

Easy and inconspicuous

Stove Guard’s handy auto diagnostics ensure that the system operates well, with no monthly testing needed. If the heat sensor monitoring a cooker has been removed, Stove Guard prevents use of the cooker, ensuring that residents make proper use of Stove Guard.

Whether you are a contractor, builder, property manager or shareholder, the stylish Stove Guard, which seamlessly blends in with kitchen fixtures, will allow you to sleep peacefully knowing that Innohome’s tireless product is monitoring all flats.

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Where to get a Stove Guard?

Get the EN 50615 -certified Stove Guard for your own and your loved ones’ safety.  Learn more about the product and find the Distributor in your country:

Why a Stove Guard?

  • Over 50 % of home fires start in the kitchen
  • Affordable protection against the most common source of fire in homes
  • More than a fire alarm: Stove Guard prevents a fire on the stove
  • Easy: doesn’t require any action or technical knowledge from the user
  • Monitors 24/4 and acts even when no one is present
  • In the event of an emergency, switches off the electricity to the stove before toxic gases are formed and the fire has time to ignite
  • Fits all electric stoves regardless of model or age
  • Innohome’s Stove Guard is an award-winning Finnish innovation