We are happy to announce that Innohome Oy and Tunstall Nordic, a leading provider of End-to-end, digital health & care solutions, have entered into a collaboration agreement where Tunstall is integrating Innohome state of the art Stove Guard solutions as part of their care solutions in Europe.

Fire prevention is a key element in elderly care.  Over 50 % of all home fires start in the kitchen and at an increased risk of injury and death are people with memory disorders or physical disabilities, both of which are more common in the older age groups. By integrating the Innohome Stove guard system into the Tunstall care solution, Tunstall is able to provide better service to its customers. The Stove Guard protects the inhabitants from kitchen fires without requiring any human interaction, and allows independent and safe cooking.

Innohome, the original stove guard company is happy to collaborate with one of the leading care solutions providers, Tunstall. We look forward to a successful cooperation and offering elderly people safer living.

More information:
Juha Mört
Innohome Oy

juha.mort@innohome.com or +358 40 540 8894