Innohome joined Euralarm

Innohome has become a member of Euralarm's Fire Section. Innohome will now benefit from Euralarm’s services in terms of representation towards European institutions and standardisation organisations. This includes the monitoring of legislative and standardisation issues relevant to the industry. Innohome will have access to the extended network of national associations and major companies in the electronic fire safety and security sectors, which form Euralarm’s members. The new membership will create opportunities for both sides, as it also strengthens the association.

About Euralarm

Euralarm represents the fire safety and security industry, providing leadership and expertise for industry, market, policy makers and standards bodies. The members make society safer and secure through systems and services for fire detection and extinguishing, intrusion detection, access control, video monitoring, alarm transmission and alarm receiving centres.

Founded in 1970, Euralarm represents over 5000 companies within the fire safety and security industry valued at 67 billion Euros. Euralarm members are national associations and individual companies from across Europe.

Insight into European markets

Companies joining Euralarm get a unique insight into what is happening on other European markets and the opportunities that they might offer. They not only tap into the political expertise and understanding of the EU policy but can also make personal connections with technical and political experts and potential business partners.

Being a member of Euralarm enables companies and associations to gain expertise on standardisation. Members have their voice heard in Brussels and can support and direct standardisation and legislative processes.

Preventing poor air quality and fire

The Indoor Air Quality of residences is currently a big discussion point in the Western world.  Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the air quality within and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of building occupants. Cooking is one of the main sources of fine particles and fumes. If ventilation is not adequate or a stove hood fan is not used, damage is caused by the fumes and moisture to structures and residents alike.

Along with new materials, household fires have become a great problem. Traditional materials burn more slowly and do not ignite as easily as materials today. The synthetic materials currently used in furniture make them easily flammable and also to burn faster. Synthetic materials create fatal hydrogen cyanide when they burn and there isn’t a detector available to recognize it. People today are given less time to escape a fire than 30 years ago. Stoves cause as much as over 50% and electrical devices as much as 80% of household fires.

Innohome Oy is an innovative Finnish company founded in 2005. The company develops and sells intelligent solutions for kitchen and home fire safety. We at Innohome have addressed the Indoor Air Quality and household fire problems with a new innovative solution by developing a supervision and control method for preventing poor air quality and fire as well as issuing an alarm regarding a dangerous situation. For this innovation, Innohome Oy has been granted with a EPO patent number EP3147880B1.

Using a method according to the new patent, it is thus possible to improve the quality of indoor air and react before too much humidity or poisonous gases are created or prevent a fire before it has ignited. Using the method, it is also possible to avoid unnecessary alarms, which can be a barrier to the use of a fire warning device in the kitchen or other comparable space.

One of the first applications utilizing this new innovation is the customer unique hood product developed in collaboration between Innohome and Franke Futurum. Cooker hood is equipped with an Innohome Safety Sensor, which monitors the cooking phenomenon as well as controls the cooker hood valves automatically when the stove is on. This integrated product will be shortly available in the Nordic countries.

We at Innohome Oy are devoted to constant development of new products and solutions. Please contact us if you want the learn more about our sophisticated innovations.

Innohome enters the North American consumer market on Amazon in partnership with Electrolux NA Home Appliances.

Innohome’s partnership with Electrolux NA Home Appliances gives the consumers in North American market an opportunity to increase the fire safety in their homes. Innohome’s heat sensor will be available easily to anyone via Amazon.

The Holiday cooking season, from November to December, is the most dangerous cooking season of the year according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). In January, the risk of cooking fires tends to go down as families do not spend as much time preparing meals for large gatherings and are generally less distracted. However, our new “normal” spent in our homes during the pandemic has forced all of us to think about our home, and, especially our kitchens, and we might be even more distracted than ever before. Therefore, Innohome and Electrolux NA Home Appliances are excited to introduce the new Smart Choice® StoveSentry™ cooking safety sensor to the consumer market via Amazon.

StoveSentry™ is the result of years of smart safety product development & experience from Innohome, a Finnish fire safety company, and now it is part of the Electrolux NA product offering for the North American consumer market. StoveSentry™ monitors the temperatures on top of the stove and alarms to fire hazards, so the person cooking can adjust the temperature to a safe level. It also works as a good reminder not to leave cooking unattended, which is a typical cause for home fires.

“We are always looking for new, innovative product solutions to add to our Smart Choice® product family, and Innohome’s products perfectly align with our assortment and customer-centered mindset,” says Clarka Wickliffe, Product Manager at Electrolux NA Home Appliances. According to Wickliffe, “Peace of mind in the kitchen starts with installation and maintenance of home appliances, and StoveSentry™ extends that peace of mind to the everyday cooking experience.”

The partnership with Electrolux presents Innohome’s first entry into the direct-to-consumer market in North America. “We are excited about the level of commitment and faith in our technology from Electrolux NA to place our product in their portfolio,” says Eero Vartiainen, Innohome’s EVP of North America. “The North American consumer market is ultra-competitive, and we see that Electrolux NA is the right partner with whom to launch our product with,” continues Vartiainen.

Electrolux will launch the Smart Choice® StoveSentry™ in their SmartChoice store on Amazon in the coming days.  “Due to the changing shopping habits of our consumers, we see Amazon as the main driver of consumer shopping experience for the foreseeable future,” adds Erin Wright, eCommerce Manager for Electrolux, and “Availability on Amazon provides consumers a convenient opportunity to purchase an unparalleled piece of safety technology for their homes at an affordable price point.”

For Innohome, a partnership with such an established company in the consumer electronics business was the desired way to enter the U.S. consumer market. “We have strong faith in Electrolux’s ability to launch the product successfully on Amazon and to continue improving the kitchen fire safety awareness,” comments Vartiainen.

The first Innohome units have been delivered to the Amazon warehouses and the Smart Choice StoveSentry is already available on Amazon.

City of Helsinki invests in safety of its citizens living in rental apartments

The City of Helsinki has over 56,000 rental apartments with approximately 87,600 tenants. Helsingin kaupungin Asuntotuotanto ATT is currently building about 1,500 new apartments a year. In addition, it annually renovates in full approximately 1,000 apartments owned by Helsinki City Housing Company (Heka).

Since 2018, Helsingin kaupungin Asuntotuotanto has included a Smart Smoke Alarm in the electrical drawings of the apartments it renovates. The alarms prevent electrical fires, which are one of the most common types of fires in apartments.

The city needs to keep its tenants safe and its property in good condition. ‘Improving the safety of apartments is important to us. Smart Smoke Alarms provide a cost-effective solution to do this’, says Aatte Saastamoinen, who is in charge of electrical design at Helsingin kaupungin Asuntotuotanto.

In Finnish high-rise construction, fire safety is taken into account in many ways, and a fire that has already started can usually be limited to a single apartment. Fire safety in common areas has also been ensured with the aid of alarms and sometimes sprinklers. In apartment buildings, the negligence of one resident can, however, inconvenience many people even if no major personal injury or property damage is caused. A fire in one apartment can lead to the evacuation of several apartments, and smoke damage almost always affects more than just the apartment with the actual fire. The safety and sense of security of residents can be improved with fire prevention devices, such as Smart Smoke Alarms. The residents themselves cannot affect the safety of other apartments, so therefore it is important that the owner and builder of the building pay attention to safety issues.

Smart Smoke Alarm prevents common electrical home fires ‘Today, it is not enough to only have devices that function as alarms when they can do so much more. Smart Smoke Alarms connected to the mains can be used to prevent common electrical fires in homes and avoid worse smoke damage and costs incurred by the fire itself,’ points out Jere Putkisaari, Business Director at Innohome Oy, in charge of the Smart Smoke Alarm business.

One more EPO patent granted to Innohome

Innohome has been innovating and creating IPR for 15 years already. The most important company asset, together with the people, is the IPR ownership. So far we have filed huge amounts of patents worldwide. Most of these are related to the fire safety, home automation and connectivity.

We are happy to announce a yet another new EPO patent granted to Innohome. New innovation is preventing fires and monitoring poor air quality. Both material improvements to everyday life.


From the patent description:
"Along with new materials, household fires have become a great problem. Traditional materials burn more slowly and do not ignite as easily as present-day materials. Present-day materials and electrical devices as well as home appliances ignite more easily and in their fires is created a rapidly fatal hydrogen cyanide, for which it has not been possible to develop a sensor or an alarm.

Stoves cause as much as over 50 % and electrical devices as much as 80 % of household fires. In student residences, the portion of stove fires is as much as 80 % and also home appliances accidentally left on, cause significantly many unnecessary fire alarms, wherein the student residences must be emptied.

Traditional smoke and carbon monoxide indicators often act too late and, in fire situations, as many as 80 % of people will already die due to fire gases before these indicators have acted. Automatic fire extinguishing systems also react too late and people die due to fire gases.

It is also known that the kitchen is the most dangerous place in the home in relation to fires, but smoke and carbon monoxide indicators are not recommended in the kitchen because they cause too many false alarms and also do not act fast enough in all situations."

Innohome strengthens its supply chain and quality assurance functions

During 2020 Innohome has substantially expanded its product portfolio by launching an electronic vehicle charger to the market and acquiring the Fidepro Smart Smoke Alarm business.

Innohome is known for its innovative products and efficient supply chain built in Europe and Asia. To ensure the good development as the company is quickly growing, we have recruited a new colleague to our dynamic team and reorganized some tasks.

Jarkko Nikkilä has started as a Supply Chain Manager at Innohome from 7th January 2021. Ilkka Lohi, who previously was in charge of the supply chain, will concentrate fully on managing the quality and process development. Ilkka’s new title is Director Quality Assurance & Management processes. Jarkko will be responsible for supply chain management.

Jarkko has previously worked at Lightson Oy as a Managing Director. He holds a M.Sc. (Tech) degree and has background in development- and production positions in different companies. Jarkko’s diverse experience and know-how of global supply chain management and development supports the Innohome growth strategy nicely.

Jarkko is warmly welcomed to be part of the energetic Innohome team!

Charging from the North: Innohome introduces a Finnish EV charging station

Innohome, a Finnish manufacturer of smart fire safety devices for homes, breaks new ground by providing international markets with a charging station for electric vehicles that is both designed and manufactured in Finland. The product will be available in Norway in October. Designed for consumer use, it makes charging an electric vehicle very easy.

Norway is a forerunner in electric vehicles, making it a natural target market for the product. There is a particular demand for an easy-to-use solution in single-family and holiday homes.

‘Our first product will enter the Norwegian market this October, and demand has been high. Finland and other markets will follow, starting from the beginning of next year. For a product like this, there is a clear demand on the market,’ says Innohome’s CEO Juha Mört.

Until now, Innohome has focused on smart fire safety products, in which Norway is also a pioneer country and the most important market for Innohome. Innohome's older products have been designed to prevent the most common household fires, such as kitchen fires and fires caused by electrical appliances. In Norway, the need to prevent fires instead of setting off an alarm was understood earlier, and stove guards have been mandatory in new Norwegian homes since 2010.

New approach to EV charging

Since Innohome's EV charging solution, which is about to enter the market, is primarily intended for single-family houses and holiday homes, charging was made as easy as possible.

‘We wanted to approach EV charging from a whole new perspective since, in our opinion, charging an electric vehicle must be as easy as charging a mobile phone. Why on earth would a mobile phone application be needed for charging when EVs and hybrids already include an app that tells you, among other things, the vehicle’s charging status? We wanted to free EV charging of everything that was unnecessary – also in terms of appearance – so the device features stylish Scandinavian design,’ says Tero Nygård, who was responsible for product development.

Two thirds of current EV users live in single-family homes, so the ability to charge your vehicle at home is very important. The needs of the target group have been taken into account from the beginning of the design process.

‘For consumers, reliability, ease of use, price, and stylish appearance are key. Our solution is Charlie the charging station. An electrician must install the device, but after that using it is easy as everyone knows how to plug the EV into the charging station. Nothing else is needed,’ says Nygård.

Huge potential in the charging market

Estimates vary somewhat, but probably more than 40% of new passenger cars will be EVs and rechargeable hybrids by 2030. At the moment, the figure in Finland is well below 1%. In practice, this means a truly great need to increase the number of charging stations.

In the Nordic countries, Innohome has become the market leader in smart fire safety devices for homes and is now looking for an equally strong footing in the EV charging market.

‘The number of electric vehicles is only starting to increase, and it is important to start operating in the market in good time. We will start with one product, but naturally there are plans to expand the offering in the future,’ says Mört.

Innohome in brief:
• Established in 2005, Innohome specialises in smart fire safety innovations for homes.
• The company’s patented technology for the prevention of kitchen fires has received several international awards.
• Approximately 90% of Innohome's production is exported.
• The company's most important product area is smart fire safety devices for homes.
• Innohome is the global market leader in stove safety devices.
• EV charging products represent a completely new market for the company.

Additional information:

Juha Mört
Innohome Oy
+358 40 540 8894

Innohome is an innovative Finnish company established in 2005. The company develops and sells smart systems that prevent kitchen fires and other types of fires caused by electrical appliances. More than 50% of all household fires start in the kitchen. Almost all of them could be prevented with Innohome’s Stove Guard. Innohome's patented technology has received several international awards. The company is the industry leader in the Nordic countries, and approximately 90% of its production is exported. The company’s headquarters are located in Espoo, Finland.

If P&C Insurance's statement: Prevention of Electrical Fires

"In Finnish residential buildings, around 3,000 fires occur each year for which the emergency services are called out (source: Finnish Rescue Services' Pocket Statistics). Minor fires, sufficiently early-stage to be extinguished by the occupant, probably happen much more often. About half of these fires are caused either by electrical appliances or cooking.

An electrical fire typically smoulders before breaking out into an uncontrolled blaze. During the smouldering phase, enough smoke is generated to trigger a smoke detector. At this point, switching off the power to the appliance, or removing the burnt food or object from the stove, is usually enough to extinguish the fire. An expert at the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency has stated that up to half of electrical fires could be avoided through these simple measures.

A study by VTT, ”Tulipalojen ympäristövaikutukset” (The environmental effects of fires), reveals that around 4.8 million kilogrammes of building material burn each year in residential fires in Finland. This results in around 7.8 million kilogrammes of CO2 emissions. In addition, a significant quantity of other fine particles harmful to humans are released into the atmosphere by fires. These figures take no account of the climate impact of rebuilding. This may be a small share of total CO2 emissions generated in Finland, but it represents the same level of annual CO2 emissions as more than 2,500 cars.

If P&C Insurance Company Ltd. states that technical shut-off solutions in appliances have led to good results in preventing electrical fires. If has been marketing shut-off systems, such as stove guards and smart fire alarms, in the belief that their widespread use will have an impact on preventing electrical fires."

Henrik Rantanen
Product Manager, P&P Property
If P&C Insurance Ltd.

Increasing Nordic fire safety: Franke Futurum’s cooker hoods with integrated Stove Guards soon available

Franke Futurum’s and Innohome’s collaboration is bringing advanced cooker hoods to the Nordic market to prevent kitchen fires. Over 50 % of all home fires start in the kitchen and mainly from the stove. Almost all of them could be prevented with stove guard technology. Norway has been the forerunner in fire safety and stove guards have been mandatory there since 2011. As the Norwegian regulators have already noticed, a stove guard with a permanent power supply, is the best and most effective way to prevent fires in the home. We look forward to bringing this technology to new and existing markets and thus actively contributing to an improved fire safety in Nordic homes.

The first Futurum series cooker hoods with integrated Stove Guards are available in September 2020. They are sold by Franke to construction companies and installed in apartments with central ventilation. The same models will be available through Franke’s wholesale channels later on. Next year also traditional cooker hoods with motor and integrated Stove Guards are available under Franke brand through retail sales points.

Innohome partners with Electrolux Major Appliances NA to provide smart fire safety to North American kitchens

It is with great pleasure that we announce Electrolux Major Appliances NA and Innohome have signed a supplier agreement to bring Innohome's patented fire safety technology to the North American consumer market.

The purpose of the agreement is to provide the North American market with innovative and cost-effective stove monitoring solutions. Consumers benefit from knowing when potentially dangerous cooking temperatures occur and when temperatures reach a point of imminent fire risk on the stove. The intelligent sensor system seamlessly monitors every cooking situation to visually and audibly alert before a fire can occur.

Innohome looks forward to a longterm collaboration and product development with Electrolux Major Appliances NA in an effort to decrease kitchen fires in North America.

According to studies conducted by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), ranges or cooktops were involved in the 62% of the reported home cooking fires, and unattended cooking was the leading cause of cooking fires and casualties. US fire departments responded to an estimated average of 173,200 home structure fires per year started by cooking activities in 2013-2017, or an average of 470 home cooking fires per day. These fires caused an average of 550 civilian deaths, 5,020 reported civilian fire injuries, and $1.2 billion in direct property damage per year. Innohome and Electrolux NA are excited to join forces to minimize the number of these often preventable fires.

More information:
Eero Vartiainen
Executive Vice President - North America
Innohome Ltd