Innohome and Tunstall Nordic into collaboration to increase the fire safety in elderly care

We are happy to announce that Innohome Oy and Tunstall Nordic, a leading provider of End-to-end, digital health & care solutions, have entered into a collaboration agreement where Tunstall is integrating Innohome state of the art Stove Guard solutions as part of their care solutions in Europe.

Fire prevention is a key element in elderly care.  Over 50 % of all home fires start in the kitchen and at an increased risk of injury and death are people with memory disorders or physical disabilities, both of which are more common in the older age groups. By integrating the Innohome Stove guard system into the Tunstall care solution, Tunstall is able to provide better service to its customers. The Stove Guard protects the inhabitants from kitchen fires without requiring any human interaction, and allows independent and safe cooking.

Innohome, the original stove guard company is happy to collaborate with one of the leading care solutions providers, Tunstall. We look forward to a successful cooperation and offering elderly people safer living.

More information:
Juha Mört
Innohome Oy or +358 40 540 8894

Innohome products now available also in Australian market

Innohome, a Finnish manufacturer of smart safety products, has signed a distribution agreement with Checkpoint Products in Australia.

Innohome is happy to announce a partnership and agreement reached with Checkpoint Products to distribute the innovative and patented Stove Guard products of Innohome Oy in the Australian market.

Checkpoint Products is an Australian company specializing in alarm systems and fire protection equipment. It is well known as the distributor of other strong brands such Cygnus and Commander. Innohome products and brand are a good addition to provide local industries solutions to protect lives and property.

We look forward to a long and successful partnership between our two companies, and to making cooking safer by marketing and supplying Stove Guards to many homes in Australia in the years to come.

More information:
Juha Mört
Innohome Oy or +358 40 540 8894

Checkpoint Products: Checkpoint Products are part of global network of companies, building on the success of their internationally recognised brands, supplying all industries with fire protection and safety products.

Innohome expands its fire prevention product portfolio with Smart Smoke Alarms

Innohome, a Finnish manufacturer of smart safety products, is expanding its product range by acquiring the Fidepro Smart Smoke Alarm business from SafetyBlox Oy. Innohome is known for the Stove Guards, which prevent stove fires from igniting. The Fidepro Smart Smoke Alarm cuts off electricity of selected areas in the event of an emergency, thus preventing the onset of an electrical fire.

Over half of home fires start in the kitchen. Most of them could be prevented with a Stove Guard. With a Smart Smoke Alarm it’s possible to prevent other electrical fires in homes also. Innohome has been a pioneer in home fire safety since 2005. The company’s main product has been the Stove Guard, which main market is Norway. In Norway, the Stove Guards have been mandatory for new houses since 2011.

Through the acquisition, Innohome is expanding its product range to cover the entire home. Fidepro products can protect the entire home from fires caused by electrical devices.

The first steps in improving fire safety are anticipation and prevention. Mains-operated smoke alarms are mandatory in new homes in Finland. However, an alarm is not helpful if no one is at home or able to do anything about it. Smart smoke alarms not only alarm but can also prevent fires.

Electrical devices usually give out smoke long before the fire actually ignites. The smart smoke alarm detects smoke and shuts off power, for example, from the power outlets in that space, preventing a fire before it starts.

In the acquisition the Fidepro products are transferred to Innohome. Mr. Jere Putkisaari, who headed Fidepro business at SafetyBlox, will transfer to Innohome as Business Unit Director.

More information:
Juha Mört
Innohome Oy or +358 40 540 8894

Safety Blox: SafetyBlox Oy specializes in the development of real estate security technology. It’s based in Hämeenlinna and has been started in 2017. SafetyBlox’s main business has been the production, development and marketing of Fidepro smart smoke alarms.

Yet another USA patent granted for preventing poor air quality and fire

Over 50% of all home fires start in the kitchen. Most of them could easily be prevented. Innohome continues its work to improve home safety worldwide and to innovate in the area of fire prevention and air quality monitoring. This work was recognized by yet another USA patent granted into Innohome’s large patent portfolio in the United States.

The patent is for (from the abstract):

“A supervision and control system for preventing poor air quality and fire, includes an indicator unit configured to be mounted to the ceiling or wall and includes an air quality sensor configured to measure air quality information; one or more integrated steerable infrared remote thermometers, steerable to home appliances or electrical devices; and one or more control and supervision units implemented as an additional device or as an integrated programmatic characteristic. The indicator unit is also configured to be connected to the home appliances or the electrical devices for analyzing and detecting deteriorating air quality or danger. The indicator unit is configured to send air quality information and temperature information to at least one of the control and supervision units. The at least one control and supervision units is configured to monitor presence of a user and to control, on basis of air quality and temperature: ventilation; and/or operation and/or energy supply of at least one of the home appliances and electrical devices if a predefined alarm limit of a dangerous situation is exceeded. ”

Juha Mört
CEO, Innohome Oy

Franke Futurum signs agreement with Innohome to supply cooker hoods with integrated stove guards to increase fire safety in Nordic households

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that Franke Futurum Ab and Innohome Oy have signed an agreement of cooperation to integrate Innohome's patented fire safety technology into Franke Futurum’s cooker hoods.

The purpose of the agreement is to supply the Nordic market with a reliable and cost-effective stove guard solution. The installation of stove guards has been mandatory in Norway since 2011, and with the new attractive solution jointly developed by Innohome and Franke Futurum, the ambition is to significantly increase the number of stove guards in the other Nordic countries as well.

Through this collaboration, Franke Futurum will supply a large part of its range with an integrated stove guard sensor in its cooker hoods. The sensor unit, which has a permanent power supply from the hood, identifies when an imminent risk of fire in connection with the stove is at hand and visually and audibly warns the user before a fire occurs. The system can also be supplemented with a power connection unit to obtain a full stove guard solution where the power to the hob is cut off if the user has not acknowledged the previous alarm. The sensor fitted cooker hoods will be offered to the Nordic market in Franke's own brand as well as to Franke Futurum’s OEM customers.

Studies show that more than half of all fires in Nordic households start from the kitchen. As the Norwegian regulators have already noticed, a stove guard with a permanent power supply, is the best and most effective way to prevent fires in the home. We look forward to bringing this technology to new and existing markets and thus actively contributing to an improved fire safety in Nordic homes.


Come meet Innohome at Assisted Living Exhibition in Tampere, Finland

Innohome is participating in this year's Assisted Living Exhibition in Tampere, Finland 7-9.11.2019.

We warmly welcome you to visit our stand to get acquainted with our innovative Stove Guard products, the most important accessory for safe independent living.

Innohome strengthens it's sales and marketing

Innohome, the market leader of innovative stove guard products, is continuing to grow and is strengthening it’s sales and marketing team further. Saskia Kerkkänen has started as Innohome’s Marketing Manager on 28 th October 2019. Saskia is responsible for the overall marketing of Innohome and reports to the CEO Juha Mört.
Saskia brings in to the company her strong and versatile knowledge of marketing in both btoc and btob businesses. Before Innohome she has been in charge of marketing in Tulikivi and Aplicom.

We wish Saskia warmly welcomed to Innohome!

Innohome signs distribution agreement with Norwesco AB for Swedish electrical wholesale

Innohome is proud to announce a partnership and agreement reached with Norwesco AB to distribute the innovative and patented Stove Guard products of Innohome Oy in the Swedish electrical wholesale market.

Norwesco is a leading distributor of electrical equipment in the Swedish electric supplies market. Norwesco has been in operation over 80 years and is a highly reputed household name and brand  in its segments.

Under this agreement Innohome products will be sold to electricians and electrical wholesale with the Norwesco StoveGuard® brand. All sales to installers and wholesale in Sweden will be handled by Norwesco AB. Innohome will also keep supplying products to other selected customers in Sweden with its own brand.

We look forward to a long and successful partneship between our two companies, and to making cooking safer by marketing and supplying Stove Guards to many homes in Sweden in the years to come.

IPR Update - Air Quality and Fire Prevention Patent Granted in the U.S

At Innohome, we strive to provide new innovations and solutions to improve home safety worldwide. Our growing IPR portfolio is a testament to our ability to excel in this area.

We are proud to announce yet another patent granted to Innohome.

The patent is for (from the abstract):

"A supervision and control method for preventing poor air quality and fire uses an indicator unit mounted to the ceiling or on a wall and provided with an air quality sensor, and one or more control and supervision units as additional devices or as integrated or programmatic characteristics connected to home appliances or electrical devices. The air quality information measured by the air quality sensor is sent from the indicator unit to the control and supervision unit, which monitors, ventilates, and controls the operation and/or energy supply of home appliances or electrical devices on the basis of air quality information. The effect of control on air quality is monitored by the air quality sensor and an alarm is issued and/or the supply of electricity to predetermined home appliances and/or electrical devices is cut off if, regardless of control, a preset alarm limit is exceeded, when the presence of a user is not detected."

Innohome has been innovating and creating IPR for almost 15 years already. Our most important company asset, together with our people, is our IPR.

Juha Mört

CEO, Innohome Oy


ISO 9001:2015 certification

We at Innohome Oy are proud to announce that our management system is now ISO 9001:2015 certified. Bureau Veritas Certification has audited our processes against this internationally recognised standard and found them to fulfil all the requirements.

Innohome Oy sells and develops products and services to prevent kitchen fires. By doing this, Innohome enhances safety of end users and decreases the financial risk of property owners. For us, it is crucial that our products and services are reliable, fulfil the expectations of our customers and comply with all applicable regulations and standards. It is also essential for us to satisfy the requirements of our direct customers through prompt deliveries of high-quality products. To achieve all this continuously, we have implemented a management system that is driven by the systematic target setting, clearly defined processes, planned activities and management driven control of performance.

Certification of our management system is a milestone in our commitment to the continuous improvement and further development of the company. The work continues, but at this point I’m happy to congratulate our employees about this achievement and thank about the good commitment for this common goal.