The Indoor Air Quality of residences is currently a big discussion point in the Western world.  Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the air quality within and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of building occupants. Cooking is one of the main sources of fine particles and fumes. If ventilation is not adequate or a stove hood fan is not used, damage is caused by the fumes and moisture to structures and residents alike.

Along with new materials, household fires have become a great problem. Traditional materials burn more slowly and do not ignite as easily as materials today. The synthetic materials currently used in furniture make them easily flammable and also to burn faster. Synthetic materials create fatal hydrogen cyanide when they burn and there isn’t a detector available to recognize it. People today are given less time to escape a fire than 30 years ago. Stoves cause as much as over 50% and electrical devices as much as 80% of household fires.

Innohome Oy is an innovative Finnish company founded in 2005. The company develops and sells intelligent solutions for kitchen and home fire safety. We at Innohome have addressed the Indoor Air Quality and household fire problems with a new innovative solution by developing a supervision and control method for preventing poor air quality and fire as well as issuing an alarm regarding a dangerous situation. For this innovation, Innohome Oy has been granted with a EPO patent number EP3147880B1.

Using a method according to the new patent, it is thus possible to improve the quality of indoor air and react before too much humidity or poisonous gases are created or prevent a fire before it has ignited. Using the method, it is also possible to avoid unnecessary alarms, which can be a barrier to the use of a fire warning device in the kitchen or other comparable space.

One of the first applications utilizing this new innovation is the customer unique hood product developed in collaboration between Innohome and Franke Futurum. Cooker hood is equipped with an Innohome Safety Sensor, which monitors the cooking phenomenon as well as controls the cooker hood valves automatically when the stove is on. This integrated product will be shortly available in the Nordic countries.

We at Innohome Oy are devoted to constant development of new products and solutions. Please contact us if you want the learn more about our sophisticated innovations.