Why install a device that only gives out an alarm when smoke is present in the room. With a smarter device, such as Smart Smoke Alarm, it’s possible to prevent the fire  fire before it even starts.

Smart Smoke Alarm – prevents fires instead of just alarming

The Smart Smoke Alarm is a praised and internationally awarded Finnish innovation, which prevents electrical fires already when smoke appears. The Smart Smoke Alarm gives out an alarm sound when it detects smoke. The alarm sound then triggers the release of the residual-current device, which cuts off the electrical current to devices in that circuit.

Electrical devices typically smoke long before the actual flames appear. The Smart Smoke Alarm prevents the electrical fire before flames and stops toxic gases forming

Smart smoke alarm for homes, holiday houses and offices

Each space, where electrical devices are being used is in the danger of suffering an electrical fire! Typical electrical devices causing fires at homes are lights, washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, chargers and small appliances used in the kitchen.

Mains-operated smoke alarms are recommended in many countries and mandatory in e.g. new homes in Finland. However, an alarm is not helpful if no one is at home or able to do anything about the igniting fire. Smart smoke alarm not only alarms but can also prevent fires by cutting the electricity to the smoking device.

Technical specifications:

  • Alarm detection types: Ionization, Optical, Thermal
  • Loud alarm 85 dB
  • AC powered: 230 VAC, 50 Hz
  • Consumption: Max. 5mA on standby, max. 50mA when alarming
  • Wiring: 3 x MMJ, 1,5 – 2,5 mm2
  • Diameter 122 mm (142 mm with mounting plate)
  • Height 46 mm (alarm 41 mm + mounting plate 5 mm)
  • Working temperature range of the alarm unit: 4-40 C (40-104 F)
  • Storage temperature -25 to +60 Celsius


  • Alarms when it detects smoke.
  • Creates a residual fault current load from alarm signal.
  • Cuts off electricity from the faulty device connected to the residual current device before flames. Thus stopping the formation of toxic gases.
  • Electricity is quickly turned on again by lifting the fault current protections switch back up.
  • Ready to use straight after installation - No action from user needed.
  • Can be interlinked with other Smart Smoke Alarms.
  • Simple and cost-effective way of preventing electrical fires, and the damages caused by smoke and flames.
  • Suitable for homes, holiday houses and offices.