The easy and effective way to reduce house fires

Over 50 % of all home fires start in the kitchen. They could almost all be prevented with a Stove Guard. Every day multiple kitchen fires require the fire departments to come extinguish them. Many more fires are put out by the occupants themselves. Even the smallest fires cause at least nuisance of smoke, not to mention the fatal ones destroying the lives of many. Keep your family, home and property safe with a Stove Guard.

The most sold Stove Guards

Over 400 000 Innohome Stove Guards are already installed to protect kitchens around the world.  They have also been the first ones fulfilling the requirements of the European stoveguard standard EN 50615. SGK5010 is the latest model from Innohome. The heat sensor’s sleek design adapts well to it’s surroundings whether located on the cooker hood, wall or ceiling.

Easy to use

The SGK5010 Stove Guard measures the temperatures from the stove and gives a pre-alarm in case of a potentially dangerous situation. If the warning is not acknowledged, the Stove Guard alarms and cuts off the power to the cooker. When the cooker has cooled down to a safe temperature, it is ready to be used again.

The device works silently in the background and can also be used easily by special user groups. It adjusts its sensitivity level based on the kitchen and user’s cooking styles, so that false alarms do not  disturb the cooking.

Acts before flames appear

Normal smoke- and fire detectors are not recommended to be used in kitchen. They are only able to alarm the user, not to prevent a fire and would often give false alarms because of cooking fumes. A Stove Guard acts before flames are formed and prevents fires also when you are not present or are otherwise unable to switch the power off.

Comprehensive and easy installation options

The Stove Guard consist of a heat sensor, a control unit and an installation kit. Depending on the location it can be a plug-and-play version or easily installed by an electrician. Stove Guard’s intelligent and wireless heat sensor is attached underneath the cooker hood with adhesive and uses a button cell for power. The heat sensor can also be installed on the wall or the ceiling. The control unit is  connected to the power supply of the cooker and installed out of sight.

SGK5010 is compatible with all electric cookers.

Technical specifications:

  • Alarm signal max. 80 dB(A) (1m)
  • Extremely low energy use (app. less than 1 W)
  • Sparkless electric switch
  • SRD (Short Range device) band radio used for wireless communication (433 MHz)
  • The heat sensor and control unit are factory paired
  • Voltage 230 VAC
  • Flame retardant and high heat resistant plastics
  • Size: Control Unit 130 x 130 x 30 mm, Intelligent Heat Sensor 94 x 40 x 30 mm
  • Patented technology
  • Fulfils requirements of the European stove guard standard (EN 50615)
  • Designed in the EU
  • NOTE: Some installation positions include parts that are purchased separately. Ask from your dealer.


  • Fulfils EN 50615 Stove Guard standard requirements for all installation positions – tested in an independent, accredited test laboratory (VTT Expert Services).
  • Measures excessive temperatures and rate of temperature change.
  • Two types of heat monitoring with unique learning function and other intelligent temperature monitoring features.
  • Automatic fault diagnosis – no monthly testing.
  • Advanced protection against misuse. Heat Sensor removal prevents cooker use. Prevention of overheated cooker use.
  • Installation options – cooker hood, wall or ceiling.
  • For all electric cookers.