We at Innohome Oy are proud to announce that our management system is now ISO 9001:2015 certified. Bureau Veritas Certification has audited our processes against this internationally recognised standard and found them to fulfil all the requirements.

Innohome Oy sells and develops products and services to prevent kitchen fires. By doing this, Innohome enhances safety of end users and decreases the financial risk of property owners. For us, it is crucial that our products and services are reliable, fulfil the expectations of our customers and comply with all applicable regulations and standards. It is also essential for us to satisfy the requirements of our direct customers through prompt deliveries of high-quality products. To achieve all this continuously, we have implemented a management system that is driven by the systematic target setting, clearly defined processes, planned activities and management driven control of performance.

Certification of our management system is a milestone in our commitment to the continuous improvement and further development of the company. The work continues, but at this point I’m happy to congratulate our employees about this achievement and thank about the good commitment for this common goal.