Innohome’s partnership with Electrolux NA Home Appliances gives the consumers in North American market an opportunity to increase the fire safety in their homes. Innohome’s heat sensor will be available easily to anyone via Amazon.

The Holiday cooking season, from November to December, is the most dangerous cooking season of the year according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). In January, the risk of cooking fires tends to go down as families do not spend as much time preparing meals for large gatherings and are generally less distracted. However, our new “normal” spent in our homes during the pandemic has forced all of us to think about our home, and, especially our kitchens, and we might be even more distracted than ever before. Therefore, Innohome and Electrolux NA Home Appliances are excited to introduce the new Smart Choice® StoveSentry™ cooking safety sensor to the consumer market via Amazon.

StoveSentry™ is the result of years of smart safety product development & experience from Innohome, a Finnish fire safety company, and now it is part of the Electrolux NA product offering for the North American consumer market. StoveSentry™ monitors the temperatures on top of the stove and alarms to fire hazards, so the person cooking can adjust the temperature to a safe level. It also works as a good reminder not to leave cooking unattended, which is a typical cause for home fires.

“We are always looking for new, innovative product solutions to add to our Smart Choice® product family, and Innohome’s products perfectly align with our assortment and customer-centered mindset,” says Clarka Wickliffe, Product Manager at Electrolux NA Home Appliances. According to Wickliffe, “Peace of mind in the kitchen starts with installation and maintenance of home appliances, and StoveSentry™ extends that peace of mind to the everyday cooking experience.”

The partnership with Electrolux presents Innohome’s first entry into the direct-to-consumer market in North America. “We are excited about the level of commitment and faith in our technology from Electrolux NA to place our product in their portfolio,” says Eero Vartiainen, Innohome’s EVP of North America. “The North American consumer market is ultra-competitive, and we see that Electrolux NA is the right partner with whom to launch our product with,” continues Vartiainen.

Electrolux will launch the Smart Choice® StoveSentry™ in their SmartChoice store on Amazon in the coming days.  “Due to the changing shopping habits of our consumers, we see Amazon as the main driver of consumer shopping experience for the foreseeable future,” adds Erin Wright, eCommerce Manager for Electrolux, and “Availability on Amazon provides consumers a convenient opportunity to purchase an unparalleled piece of safety technology for their homes at an affordable price point.”

For Innohome, a partnership with such an established company in the consumer electronics business was the desired way to enter the U.S. consumer market. “We have strong faith in Electrolux’s ability to launch the product successfully on Amazon and to continue improving the kitchen fire safety awareness,” comments Vartiainen.

The first Innohome units have been delivered to the Amazon warehouses and the Smart Choice StoveSentry is available on Amazon from February 2021.