Over 50% of all home fires start in the kitchen. Most of them could easily be prevented. Innohome continues its work to improve home safety worldwide and to innovate in the area of fire prevention and air quality monitoring. This work was recognized by yet another USA patent granted into Innohome’s large patent portfolio in the United States.

The patent is for (from the abstract):

“A supervision and control system for preventing poor air quality and fire, includes an indicator unit configured to be mounted to the ceiling or wall and includes an air quality sensor configured to measure air quality information; one or more integrated steerable infrared remote thermometers, steerable to home appliances or electrical devices; and one or more control and supervision units implemented as an additional device or as an integrated programmatic characteristic. The indicator unit is also configured to be connected to the home appliances or the electrical devices for analyzing and detecting deteriorating air quality or danger. The indicator unit is configured to send air quality information and temperature information to at least one of the control and supervision units. The at least one control and supervision units is configured to monitor presence of a user and to control, on basis of air quality and temperature: ventilation; and/or operation and/or energy supply of at least one of the home appliances and electrical devices if a predefined alarm limit of a dangerous situation is exceeded. ”

Juha Mört
CEO, Innohome Oy