It is with great pleasure that we can announce that Franke Futurum Ab and Innohome Oy have signed an agreement of cooperation to integrate Innohome’s patented fire safety technology into Franke Futurum’s cooker hoods.

The purpose of the agreement is to supply the Nordic market with a reliable and cost-effective stove guard solution. The installation of stove guards has been mandatory in Norway since 2011, and with the new attractive solution jointly developed by Innohome and Franke Futurum, the ambition is to significantly increase the number of stove guards in the other Nordic countries as well.

Through this collaboration, Franke Futurum will supply a large part of its range with an integrated stove guard sensor in its cooker hoods. The sensor unit, which has a permanent power supply from the hood, identifies when an imminent risk of fire in connection with the stove is at hand and visually and audibly warns the user before a fire occurs. The system can also be supplemented with a power connection unit to obtain a full stove guard solution where the power to the hob is cut off if the user has not acknowledged the previous alarm. The sensor fitted cooker hoods will be offered to the Nordic market in Franke’s own brand as well as to Franke Futurum’s OEM customers.

Studies show that more than half of all fires in Nordic households start from the kitchen. As the Norwegian regulators have already noticed, a stove guard with a permanent power supply, is the best and most effective way to prevent fires in the home. We look forward to bringing this technology to new and existing markets and thus actively contributing to an improved fire safety in Nordic homes.